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Receive advice on data gathering and use via phone, email, or videoconference.



Visit our facility and learn to gather and use reliable data on animals and humans to make the best decisions for your practice.

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We provide education in using data to help make the best decisions for clients and animals.


tools & training in Data-driven practices for 

​animal-assisted professionals 

data-driven animal practices




Our love of animals and passion for science can help you gather the data you need for your work.

About Us

Attend workshops and learn how to gather data on the humans and animals in your work.

Our approach

Use instruments to gather reliable data. Data collection tools can be tailored to your needs. 

On-site training

We come to your site and help you develop a plan for data collection, interpretation, and implementation.


Data-Driven Animal Practices

Workshops and instrument development take place at Eagle Vista Ranch & Wellness Center